Z28 15 x 8s-Anyone?WTB


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May 9, 2009
van nuys , CA
Anyone sitting on a widened set of Z wheels?
You are going to have a set widened yourself. If you are near any major. City you can find a wheel or a machine shop that can do the labor. You will need a set of the 15x7 and possibly 8 inch hoops. A dedicated wheel repair shop will have the wider bands hoops oryou can check wth Aero Race. Bassett Speedway Motors as they all sell 15x 8 in wheel parts. I have a post i did years ago.bout having 15 in ralleys widened evenlonger ago(1980ish) abouy a guy nammed Otto in Compton area of SoLA that would widen rimms for$12.50 a wheel even in 1980 dollars it was an amazing rice. The shop was perfect wheel ans i thonk they still exist. That was twelve dollars and 50 cents depending on the tire you run.and how low you sit you should figure4.5 ish back space with 8s or 9s. Good luck


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Feb 17, 2000
Sacramento, CA
Widening wheels get discussed every so often, and old posts get brought up.
Haven't seen anyone do it successfully other than on paper in a while.
I myself would love to see a current success story.


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Dec 30, 2019

Here’s my 15x8 modified wheel


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May 16, 2007
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Problem is around here,most places dont want to touch them.And those that do want about 400.00 a wheel,not including wheels,lol.
I have a set Im working on,I just dont have the heavy artillery to seperate cleanly.
So,it's easier to see if there's already a set out there collecting dust.
Hence the post,lol.

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