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Still rounding up parts to make my 1970ss right.THANKS
does anyone know the correct breather or a part # soi can start shopping for the correct one for a 1970 camaro SS with the L 78 396/375 HP
I know this is an old thread but were you ever able to find a good mechanic? I'm in Northern VA also.
Does any know if it’s a diode or a resistor that’s on the wiper wiper harness plug and if so is there a spec for it ?
If its a resistor, should be a color stripe code on the exterior casing. Or you can use a multi-meter to check it, too. Diode will only allow electricity to flow one direction (as in an alternator), whereas a resistor is a calibrated resistance to such flow.
Cheryl camaro
Thanks for the help
Here looking for info, I came across a sbc in this73 nova, number on the back of the block reads 3910010 K 11 ,, on front passenger side of the block in front of the head reads 241533832. KC 5. 15 I'd any can make this easy for me ,I would appreciate it
The 3910010 is the casting number for a 4" bore block. On the front machined pad in front of the rh cyl head's end, two possible stamps. The larger one, back from the edge, defines how and where the block was machined AND what it was to be. A smaller, deeper stamp, at the front edge of the pad, should be the last section of the VIN the engine was ultimately installed into.