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1973 Z28 Midnight Green
I’m a bit lost as just joined.
I am original owner of 1973 LT w/ Z 28 option. Went to Chevrolet Dealer in Ventura CA and ordered it from factory when I was 15. Saved $1,000 down payment, used Consumer Guide to estimate Dealers cost.. paid $100 over cost.. have guide and my original notes.
Just watched speedo at 33,333.3…. Wow!!
I’m 66 and feel 16 again Hear it roar!!
I have a 1981 z28 automatic with a 350. Bought it with 87k miles so they say. During the summer months the engine temp reaches 200 to 205 Is that normal for that engine? In the morning it doesn’t reach that temp but does after lunch. Now I’m talking 90 plus temperatures outside. I flush the radiator system several times which was clean for a car that age.
Andrew Talbert
Andrew Talbert
That sounds a little bit warm to me, if you haven't done so already, it might be a good idea to professionally flush the entire cooling system. Maybe a new t'stat. Also a good shroud
Andrew Talbert
Andrew Talbert
Sorry, I didn't read your post too good
Ok I will flush the system, I did put a new 160 t’stat in it. Thanks