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I have 3 sets of factory Z28 GM wheels for these, one set on my 2nd gen, one set was correct for my 72 SS ElCamino that I can no longer use Due to bigger 4 wheel disc brakes, and a spare 3rd set if you need GM wheels let me know.
Hi, Just seen your post on tire search. Very Beautiful car. I am original owner of a 77 Type LT and will be needing to restore my car. Did you do your own or have someone do it for you? Asking as in next year or 2 will be hopefully getting into mine.

Thanks, Jim
Check out as an option also. I've installed both VA and CAA. The CAA ECU harness setup is second to none, very clean with great instructions.
Looking for a 1978-1981 camaro manual center console that is black and that is not too expensive. It doesn't have to be perfect.
Just drove the recently acquired Z28 from storage in SC to my new garage + shop in Macon County, N.C. Appreciation to Allen Koester of Bloodshed Motors, Austin Texas for the superb build. Feels better than new with power to be respected, particularly on the curvy mountain roads in these parts. Hope to meet some of you in the area of Franklin, Highlands, N.C , N Georgia at events.

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