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70 OEM Mirror (Early)



mirror1.jpg (13437 bytes) mirror2.jpg (14449 bytes) 

Modified mount with one from the bone yard to fit today's glass mount



Mirror Mount Location

My mirror originally came from the factory with the round mount (early cars).

Since I have a new windshield and the mount comes already installed from the glass factory

with the newer style mount, I left it in and modified my original mirror to fit that style mount.

From the outside, facing the front windshield, measure from the lower edge of the long molding

5-1/4" down and mark it with tape. The mount is in the center of the 2 wire radio antenna if you have one

which is 26-1/2". See 3rd pic.

If there are no antenna wires in the windshield then, I made sure the 5-1/4"  was constant all the way back to before

the curve part of the pillar molding and used seamstress tape and fastened it on the passenger side pillar

molding edge in order to get the 2nd measurement. 

When standing outside facing the windshield the mount Left edge is 26-1/16" from the passenger side pillar.

Note, while sitting inside the car, the 26-1/16" will be on your Right hand side. Each line on the seamstress tape is 1/8".

From the outside, mark these 2 locations with tape in a L shape, then go inside and stick on the mirror mount.