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Revision: Dec 14, 2014 - added shifter nut bolt plastic and wave washer orientation



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    1968 RS Z/28





I swapped out my OEM shifter for an aftermarket Hurst Comp Plus shifter from a speed shop

because it's tighter than my OEM shifter even after Hurst rebuilt it. But I decided to give the

OEM another shot and reinstalled it.






Shifter floor cover

The rubber is torn because of the aftermarket side mounting bolts for the stick.

I had a spare stick from my 71 Z28 that I drilled out to fit the aftermarket Hurst Comp Plus unit.




71 Z28 Stick


The 7433 (70) stick has a thread length of 3/4" and the 7945 (71) stick has a thread length of 1-1/8.

The longer threads are maybe to accommodate the jam nut. I'm using the jam nut on my 70 OEM shifter.


Hurst Factory 70 Z28 Shifter


My OEM Hurst Comp Plus casting # is 0400441P for my (05E car).





0=common in all casting #'s.








Washer/nut Orientation - Hurst gave me an extra lock mount hardware with a plastic and wave washer.

They sent in the orientation order it should be installed but would not give me the torque spec on the nut,

 they said it was confidential.



1-2 / 3-4 levers


Shifter levers


OEM shifter wave washer and locking pins





Hurst Aftermarket Shifter With Stop Bolts



The curved stick is the one that came with my aftermarket shifter. The short straight stick is used on Hurst Super Shifter.



Side by Side - Hurst OEM vs Hurst Aftermarket Shifter




Shifter Rods


OEM are larger in dia. OEM=.470 and aftermarket is .370



The part that goes into the 3 shifter lever holes


Both OEM and Aftermarket Hurst Comp Plus shifter lever fits a 3/8" (.375) drill bit nicely.

They are the same fit. I've used the OEM rods with an aftermarket Hurst shifter that use the

plastic bushings and everything fits.


OEM - top 3




Shifter Balls




2 piece for 1970 without a console




Chrome knob w/console   



White knob comes when you buy an aftermarket Hurst shifter and the sticks differed in shape compared to the OEM. 






1971 Z28 without a console