1973 Z28 Restoration Plan

I'm using this to restore my Z28. You can see how it's going, how I'm proceding, etc...

Requirements: Finish cavalier to free up a garage bay. Once the cavalier is done, I can push the Z28 into the garage and begin work. It's important to keep car movable as much as possible so I can paint inside garage during bad weather. Several items in different sections can happen in parallel or independant of each other.
R&R = Remove, repair, recondition replace as necessary.

Initial Planning & Cleaning | R&R Subframe | R&R Dash/Interior | R&R Exterior Floor
R&R Front metal | Exterior Body | Engine/Trans | Final Bodywork & Trim |

Initial Planning, Inspection & Cleaning

Restock or obtain resto-materials. - Ongoing deal...
Push Z into Garage.- The car is being done in the driveway.

R&R Subframe
Strip frame - Done
remove steering/suspension - Done
remove brakes, lines, fuel lines, gas tank
Finish cleaning frame - Done.
R&R radiator support - Done
Install radiator support
Wiper motor, Brake booster, brake master cylinder.
Heater, blower motor, heater core.
paint frame, firewall, radiator support
R&R, Install wiper arms.
Replace chassis bushings
replace control arm bushings
Rebuild steering
Rebuild front suspension
springs, swaybar, bushings
rebuild/replumb front brake system.
brake lines & hoses

R&R Dashboard/Interior
Remove interior plastic trim.
Paint/dye panels, sail panels, kick panels, etc... - Using old Saddle Interior
Clean, repair, paint floor.
Route sterio wires. Check rear wiring harness and route it properly.
Install rug
Inspect, check and possibly remove dashboard & guages. - Damaged, need replacement or rebuilding
Inspect wiring (harness) heater, ducting. Note any screwups.
Remove steering column. - Just check wiring, column is ok for now.
Inspect and/or recondition steering column.
Paint steering column.
Clean steering wheel. Obtain horn button - Done
Reinstall steering column. was unnecessary at the moment.
Interior console (black), lid - fix old console
grommet on floor.
Reinstall interior trim panels.
Recover rear seats
Replace rear package tray.
Install rear seats
Recover front seats
?????? status of dashboard, guages. if ok, reinstall front seats.

R&R exterior floor
Remove tail lights.
Inspect wiring
R&R tail lights
Fix spoiler
Clean trunk
Repair any damage
Splatter paint & seal with clear
Install trunk carpet
Install spare tire
Install jack
Spray opening white.
Install trunk weatherstrip

R&R front end sheet metal
Remove doors
Strip doors
Rebuild doors, hinges,
Prime/paint doors
Prime & paint door area.
remove emblems, trim
Strip fenders
Strip nose
Hood. Use 1978 hood.
strip hood
Install scoop
Cut hole
Set up cold air Flappers
Clean up and paint underside of hood
Prime & paint hood
Repair any damage
Recondition inner fender panels
Front bumper, remove the fugly nerf bars
Fix grill
Prime & paint nose, fenders, reinstall emblems.
Install inner fender well, fenders, nose, bumper
Install parts/pieces, lights, grill

Exterior bodywork
remove trim
Strip remainder of car
repair any screwed up spots
Prime & paint

Swap Rear ends

Remove rear end. (CAR IMMOBILE) - done
Install 10 bolt 4.10 rear. - done.
Jack up ass end, remove gas tank
Repair/clean/paint floor, stuff blocked by gas tank/rear axle.
Paint 10 bolt rear.
Check & replace or paint rear springs. - replacing springs
(Removing the gas tank and cleaning & painting is 8/24 work in progress)

Install Engine/Trans

FINISH INSTALLING TPI ENGINE INTO FRAME - ho ho, change of plans again....
Pull engine from Impala. Was done, was sold.
Clean engine
Clean gearbox
Have gearbox inspected.
Bolt on goodies for engine (oil pan, intake, 750, headers)
Obtain clutch, pressure plate, flywheel.
Bolt everything together and deposit it into subframe.
Rebuild CKT 350 short block - Eventually. Get TPI deal going 1st.
(need to buy clutch, flywheel, etc... to bolt in transmission).

Exterior Body & Trim

Strip wheels
Paint wheels (black)
Mount new tires (Goodyear Eagle ST 245 60*15)
Obtain trim rings & caps
Finish installing weatherstrip
Paint Stripes

Last updated: 8/24/1998
Author: MadMike Maciolek
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

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